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Inspiring participation

Positive and engaging

Welcome to Hockey Ballarat

Our association is the umbrella organisation which provides the governance, the planning, the facilities and coordination of competitions that sees our strategic plan for Hockey in Ballarat come to life.

Our Plan

Is to grow and enhance the game of Hockey for all participants.

Our Vision

Together with our Clubs, we will create a positive and engaging environment that inspires people of all ages to keep coming back.

Our Values

Inclusive Clubs, A Positive and Engaging environment Inspiring Participation.

Our Plans Include

  • Offer “Hook into Hockey” program in primary schools to expose and attract participation in Hockey. In 2019 some 1000 children will participate in the introductory program of Hin2H.
  • Provide with and through our clubs player development and a pathway in hockey for juniors by providing coaching and competitors.
  • Continue to provide a strong local men’s and women’s competitions, vital to participation and retention of our adults. Our clubs are active in facilitating this successful competition.
  • Continue to encourage volunteer participation in umpiring and administration as an integral part of our development.
  • Continuing to maintain sound governance, self reliant approach and embrace community initiatives.
  • Support the pathway to elite competitions for juniors and seniors by supporting West Vic.

Our Sponsors


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